Animated Stroke Order of 辞:

stroke order animation of 辞

Radical:辛     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

refined language/wording/poetic genre (so far, interchangeable with 詞|词)/to take leave/to resign/to dismiss/to decline

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Words with Chinese Character 辞:
refined language
poetic genre (so far, interchangeable with 詞|词)
辞不达意The words fail to express what is meant.
辞世to die
to depart this life (euphemism)
same as 去世
辞书word book
making dictionaries
辞令polite speech
diplomatic terms
辞任to resign (a position)
辞典dictionary (of Chinese compound words)
also written 詞典|词典
辞别to take leave
辞却To decline or refuse.
辞去to resign
to quit
辞官to resign a government post
辞岁celebrate the lunar New Year's Eve; taking leave of the Old Year
辞工quit one's job
辞年To celebrate, or celebrations that takes place at the end of the year.
辞掉to resign a post
to sack and get rid of
辞格figure of speech
辞活quit one's job
辞海Ci Hai, an encyclopedic dictionary first published in 1915, most recent edition 1999