Animated Stroke Order of 辟:

stroke order animation of 辟

Radical:辛     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

king/emperor/monarch/royal/ward off
dispel/open up/refute

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 辟:
辟地to open up land for cultivation
辟引to summon to court; to appoint to office
辟易to retreat or recoil (in fright)
辟谣to refute a rumor
to deny
辟谷To keep away from cereal food as a path to enlightenment for the taoists.
辟邪to ward off evil spirits
辟雍central of the five Zhou dynasty royal academies
辟雍砚ink slab or ink stone of celadon or white porcelain with unglazed surface