Animated Stroke Order of 迁:

stroke order animation of 迁

Radical:辶     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

qiānto move/to shift

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 迁:
to move
to shift
to change (a position or location etc)
迁入to move in (to new lodging)
迁出outmigration; emigration; quit; vacation
迁变[Physics] transmutation
迁安Qian'an county level city in Tangshan 唐山
迁安市Qian'an county level city in Tangshan 唐山
迁就to yield
to adapt to
to accommodate to (sth)
迁就姑息excessively accommodating; overlenient
迁居to move (from one residence to another)
迁延long delay
迁延时日to cause a long delay; to become long-drawn-out
迁徙to migrate
to move
迁怒to take one's anger out on sb (who does not deserve it)
迁怒于人to vent one’s anger on an innocent party (idiom)
迁怒他人to shift or transfer one's anger to others
迁户口report to the local authorities for change of domicile