Animated Stroke Order of 进:

stroke order animation of 进

Radical:辶     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

jìnto advance/to enter/to come in

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 进:
to advance
to enter
to come (or go) into
进一步one step further
to move forward a step
further onwards
进了天堂to die
to enter the hall of heaven
进京to enter the capital
to go to Beijing
进价opening price
进位carry; carry set
进位法system of writing numbers to a base, such as decimal or binary (math)
进修advanced studies
additional studies
进修学院a college of further education (CFE)
进修班class for further studies; class of advanced training; continuing study course
进修生visiting scholar
进入to enter
to join
to go into
进入权right of access
进入系统log-in; log-on; Login; log in
进入角色get inside the character that one is playing
进入阵地get into position
进关inbound customs (international trade)
进兵march on
进军to march
to advance