Animated Stroke Order of 违:

stroke order animation of 违

Radical:辶     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

wéito disobey/to violate/to separate/to go against

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 违:
to disobey
to violate
to separate
违令to disobey
to go against orders
违例to break the rules
违信背约in violation of contract and good faith
违傲to disobey
违利赴名to renounce profit and seek fame (idiom); to abandon greed for reputation
to choose fame over fortune
违别to leave
to depart
to go against
违反to violate (a law)
违反事实to fly in the face of facts
违反交通规则to violate traffic regulations
违反信托breach of trust
违反信托义务a breach of trust
违反决议的精神to be contrary to the spirit of the resolution
违反刑法to commit a criminal offense
违反劳动纪律to violate labor discipline
违反合同a breach of contract violate a contract; to breach a contract; to walk out on a contract
违反宪法to violate the constitution
违反条约to transgress a treaty; to disregard a treaty; to break a treaty infraction of treaty; an infringement of a treaty
违反法律a breach of law; a violation of law; lawbreaking; contrary to law; disregard of law violate the law; to violate the rule