Animated Stroke Order of 酿:

stroke order animation of 酿

Radical:酉     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

niàngto ferment/to brew/to make honey (of bees)/to lead to/to form gradually/wine/stuffed vegetables (cooking method)

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Words with Chinese Character 酿:
to ferment
to brew
to make honey (of bees)
酿成to form gradually
to lead to
酿热物biological fuel (such as horse dung)
酿祸create trouble; ferment disturbances; lead to disaster
酿造to brew
to make (wine, vinegar, soya bean paste etc) by fermentation
酿造法zymotechnics; zymotechnique
酿酒to brew wine
酿酒业brewing industry
wine industry
酿酒厂brewery; brewhouse; distillery; winery
酿酒学vinology; oenology
酿酒工业wine-making industry
酿酶zymase (enzyme in yeast involved in fermentation)