Animated Stroke Order of 铅:

stroke order animation of 铅

Radical:钅     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

qiānlead Pb, metal, atomic number 82

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 铅:
lead (chemistry)
铅丝galvanized iron wire; tinned wire; galvanizer; lead wire
铅中毒lead poisoning; plumbism; saturnism; molybdosis; lead-poisoning
铅丹minium; red lead; lead paint
铅刀一割a leaden knife can cut; a mediocre person can be put to some use
铅华cosmetics; face powder
铅印letterpress printing; lead impression; lead print
铅字type (print)
铅字合金foundry type metal; type metal; printer's metal; monotype metal; stereotype alloy; lead-antimony-tin alloy
铅封lead sealing; lead seal; seal lead
铅山Qianshan county in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi
铅山县Qianshan county in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi
铅带weight belt
铅条strip of lead
铅桶A portable bucket made of galvanized sheet iron, not liable to rust.
铅活字印刷机lead typesetting machine