Animated Stroke Order of 锌:

stroke order animation of 锌

Radical:钅     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

xīnzinc Zn, transition metal, atomic number 30

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 锌:
zinc (chemistry)
锌尖晶石[Geology] gahnite
锌版zincotype; zinco; zincograph; zinc etching; zinc-plate
锌白zinc white; Chinese white; zincolith; white zinc
锌粉zinc dust; zinc powder; blue powder
锌酸盐[Chemistry] zincate
锌钡白lithopone; enamel white; zinc sulfide white; pearl white; silver white; zinc baryta white
锌铁尖晶石[Geology] franklinite