Animated Stroke Order of 锚:

stroke order animation of 锚

Radical:钅     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 锚:
锚位berth; anchoring berth; anchorage
锚固anchor; anchoring; anchorage; grappling
锚地anchorage ground; anchor station; anchor ground; anchorground; roadstead; anchorage space; boat basin; anchorage
锚杆roof bolt; anchor rod; anchor arm; holding down bolt; rock bolt; bolt; anchor stock; anchor bolt; anchor tie; anchor shank; rockbolt
锚泊mooring; anchorage
锚爪fluke; flukes; anchor blade; anchor fluke
锚链anchor chain
锚链孔hawsehole (small hole for anchor cable or hawser in the side of ship)
锚链筒hawse pipe; hawsepipe
锚雷anchored mine