Animated Stroke Order of 锻:

stroke order animation of 锻

Radical:钅     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

duànforge/wrought/to discipline

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 锻:
to discipline
锻件forgeable piece; forging; forge piece; forged piece
锻冶forging and smelting; temper
锻压forging and pressing; forging; Press
锻压机forge press; dieing machine; forging press; hammering press; forging machine
锻压机械metal forming machinery
锻工ironsmith; blacksmith; forger; smith; forge work; hammerer; hammer smith; hammer man
锻工车间drop shop; forge shop; hammer shop; forging shop; blacksmith's shop
锻工钳blacksmith's tongs; band jaw tongs; forge tongs; blacksmith tongs; band jawtong
锻接percussive welding; hammer welding; forging; fire welding; percussion welding
锻模a forging die
锻炉forging furnace
锻炼to engage in physical exercise
to toughen
to temper
锻炼体魄to go in for physical training
锻烧to calcine
锻造smithing; forging; forge work; blacksmithing; smith forging; hammering; forge
锻铁wrought iron