Animated Stroke Order of 镰:

stroke order animation of 镰

Radical:钅     Strokes:18

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 镰:
镰仓Kamakura city in Kanagawa prefecture 神奈川縣|神奈川县
镰仓幕府Kamakura bakufu 1192-1333, the first Japanese samurai shogunate
curved blade to cut grain
镰刀斧头the hammer and sickle (flag of USSR, symbolizing rural and proletarian labor)
镰刀状的falculate; falciform; falcate; sickle shaped; siculiform
镰刀细胞贫血sickle cell anemia
镰形血球贫血症sickle-cell anaemia
sickle-cell disease
镰状细胞sickle cell; meniscocyte; crescent cell; crescentocyte; drepanocyte
镰状细胞性贫血症[Medicine] sicklemia
镰状细胞血症sickle cell anemia
镰胞菌 [Biology] fusarium
镰鱼Moorish idol