Animated Stroke Order of 闪:

stroke order animation of 闪

Radical:门     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

shǎnto dodge/to duck out of the way/shaken (by a fall)/to sprain/to pull a muscle/lightning/spark/a flash/to flash (across one's mind)/to leave behind/surname Shan

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 闪:
surname Shan
a flare
闪亮儿erhua variant of 閃亮|闪亮, a flare
闪光信号flash signal; flashing indication; flicker signal; flashing light signal; flashing signal; blink signal; intermittent signal
闪光信号灯blinking light; flash-signal lamp; blinker light
闪光充电指示a flash indicator
闪光光解flash photolysis
闪光光谱flash spectrum; spectrum of sparks
闪光同步flash synchronisation
闪光枪[Photography] a flashgun
闪光灯flash bulb (photography)
闪光灯同步[Photography] flash synchronization
闪光灯开关a flash on/off switch
闪光灯插座[Photography] a hot shoe
闪光灯泡flash bulb; flashbulb; flashcube; flash lamp; flash lamp bulb
闪光点lit. flash point
crucial point
essential point
闪光烧伤[Medicine] flash burn
闪光管flashtube; flash tube; blinker tube