Animated Stroke Order of 闸:

stroke order animation of 闸

Radical:门     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

zhágear/brake/sluice/lock (on waterway)/electric switch or circuit breaker

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 闸:
闸刀male contact; knife switch; disconnecting link; plug-in strip; guillotine
闸刀开关knife switch; leaf actuator; closing switch; plug-in strip; KS
闸北区Zhabei district, central Shanghai
闸口lock entrance; lid; irrigation gate; sluice gate
闸流管thyratron; gas relay; gastriode; gas triode; gastriode relay; grid-controlled rectifier; hot-cathode gas filled valve; thyristor
闸瓦shoe plate; shoe block; hem shoe; brake block; brake-shoe; shoe; brake boot
闸皮brake shoe; brake rubber
闸盒electric fusebox
switch box
闸门a sluicegate
闸阀gate valve; brake valve; sluice valve