Animated Stroke Order of 闽:

stroke order animation of 闽

Radical:门     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

mǐnabbr. for Fujian 福建 province

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 闽:
abbr. for Fujian 福建 province
闽侯Minhou county in Fuzhou 福州
闽侯县Minhou county in Fuzhou 福州
闽剧Min opera, a local opera popular in northeast Fujian province
闽南Minnan, lit. south Fujian
a southern Chinese dialect of Fujian and east Guangdong
闽南语Minnan, lit. south Fujianese dialect
southern Chinese dialects of Fujian and east Guangdong
闽方言Min dialect, one of the seven biggest dialects of China, including northern Min dialect and southern Min dialect
闽江Minjiang River (Fujian)
闽清Minqing county in Fuzhou 福州
闽清县Minqing county in Fuzhou 福州
闽粤Fujian and Guangzhou
闽菜Fujian cuisine
闽语Min dialects, spoken in Fujian Province, Taiwan etc