Animated Stroke Order of 防:

stroke order animation of 防

Radical:阝     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

fángto protect/to defend/to guard (against)

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Words with Chinese Character 防:
to protect
to defend
to guard (against)
防不胜防you can't guard against it (idiom)
impossible to defend effectively
not much one can do about it
防伪anti-fake; guard against falsification
防催泪性毒气面具a tear mask
防冰器a deicer
防冻剂antifreeze agent
防冻液antifreeze; deicing fluid; anti-freeze fluid; anti-icing fluid; antifreezing fluid
防凌ice prevention
防务(pertaining to) defense
防化兵chemical defense corps
防化学兵antichemical warfare corp.
防化救援antichemical rescue
防区defence area
防卫to defend
防卫大臣minister of defense (esp. in Japan)
防卫机制[Psychology] defense mechanism
防卫武器defensive weapon
防卫的defensive; protective