Animated Stroke Order of 随:

stroke order animation of 随

Radical:阝     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

suíto follow/to comply with/varying according to.../to allow/surname Sui

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 随:
surname Sui
随…随…each 随 followed by a verb, indicating that the latter action immediately follows the former
随之而后from that
following from that
after that
随乡入乡do as the Romans do when in Rome
随份子contribute one's share of group gift
随体trabant; dna satellite; satellite rna; satelitte; satellite; satelite dna
随侍squire; squirarchy
随便as one wishes
as one pleases
at random
随俗according to custom
to do as local custom requires
do as the Romans do
随信attached with the letter
随信附上enclosed with (this) letter
随停随带球to trap and move off
随军with an army; go along with an army
随军医院a rolling hospital
随军家属relatives with army
随军记者military correspondent; campaign badge
随动件follower; back follower