Animated Stroke Order of 难:

stroke order animation of 难

Radical:隹     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

nándifficult (to...)/problem/difficulty/difficult/not good
nàndisaster/distress/to scold

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 难:
difficult (to...)
难上加难to be all the more difficult
难上难extremely difficult
难不成Is it possible that ... ?
难为to bother
to press sb, usu. to do sth
it's a tough job
难乎为继hard to keep up
难事twister; tickler; a piece of work; knot; TOIL; teaser
难于had a hard job to; had difficulty with
难于启齿have a bone in one's throat
难于接近(of people) difficult to approach
难于登天hard a climbing to heaven (idiom); a tremendous effort
难产difficult birth
难人difficult; delicate; ticklish; ; person handling a delicate matter; difficulty;
难以hard to (predict, imagine etc)
难以为继difficult to continue
2.beyond compute
难以启齿to be too embarrassed to mention sth (idiom)
to find it hard to speak about sth
难以实现hard to accomplish
difficult to achieve
难以应付hard to deal with
hard to handle