Animated Stroke Order of 靠:

stroke order animation of 靠

Radical:非     Strokes:15

Pinyin & Definition:

kàodepend upon/lean on/near/by/against/to support

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 靠:
to lean against or on
to stand by the side of
to come near to
靠信道的座位an aisle seat
靠垫cushion for leaning on; back cushion
靠头儿People or condition that can be relied on.
close to a mountain
靠山吃山make use of local resources
靠山吃山,靠水吃水The mountain dweller lives from the mountain, the shore dweller lives from the sea. (idiom)
to make the best use of local resources
fig. to exploit one's position to advance oneself
靠岸(of a boat) to reach the shore
to pull toward shore
close to shore
靠工资吃饭to live on one's wages
靠手armrest; arm rest
靠拢to draw close to
靠旗armour flags
靠枕dog and pony show
靠椅arm-chair; armchair
靠水吃水make use of local resources
靠码头dock; wharf