Animated Stroke Order of 顺:

stroke order animation of 顺

Radical:页     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

shùnto obey/to follow/to arrange/to make reasonable/along/favorable

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 顺:
to obey
to follow
to arrange
顺丁橡胶3-polybutadiene rubber
顺丁烯二酸maleic acid; maleic resin; maleate
顺义Shunyi district of Beijing, formerly Shunyi county
顺义区Shunyi district of Beijing, formerly Shunyi county
顺乎conform to; meet; comply with
顺产head delivery; eutocia; nature labour; spontaneous labor
to comply
to submit
顺价normal market; cantango
in passing
without much extra effort
顺便说一句by the way; incidentally
顺其自然to let nature take its course (idiom)
without a hitch
顺势to take advantage
to seize an opportunity
in passing
顺势疗法homeopathy (alternative medicine)
顺化Hue, city in central Vietnam and capital of Thua Thien province
顺反子cistron; structural gene
顺叙chronological narrative