Animated Stroke Order of 顿:

stroke order animation of 顿

Radical:页     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

dùnstop/pause/to arrange/to lay out/to kowtow/to stamp/at once/classifier for meals, beating, tellings off etc: time, bout, spell, meal

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 顿:
to stop
to pause
to arrange
顿号Chinese back-sloping comma 、 (punct. used to separate items in a list)
顿开茅塞suddenly see the light; be suddenly enlightened
顿悟a flash of realization
the truth in a flash
a moment of enlightenment (usually Buddhist)
顿悟学习insight learning; insightful learning; learning by insight
顿挫a transition (stop and change) in spoken sound, music or in brush strokes
a cadence
punctuated by a transition
顿挫抑扬cadence of speech (idiom)
顿改前非to immediately mend one's ways
顿河Don River
顿涅斯克Donetsk region of W. Ukraine
顿生give birth suddenly
顿觉To feel immediately.
顿足stamp (one's feet)
顿足捶胸to stamp one's foot and to beat one's breast
顿钻钻井cable tool drilling