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stroke order animation of 颈

Radical:页     Strokes:11

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Words with Chinese Character 颈:
颈内静脉internal jugular vein; jugular vein; vena jugularis interna
颈动脉carotid artery (medicine)
颈卵器archegone; archegonium
颈卵器植物archegoniatae; archegoniate
颈圈collar (animal)
颈椎cervical vertebra
the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck of humans and most mammals
颈椎病cervical spondylosis; cervical spondylopathy
颈椎骨[Anatomy] the cervical vertebra
颈沟occipital furrow
颈的cervical; jugular
颈神经[Anatomy] the cervical nerve
颈联The third couplet in metrical verse, the fifth and sixth sentences. Should be antithetical.
颈背the back of the neck; the nape of the neck; the scruff of the neck
颈腐病crown rot; neck rot
颈部the neck area of the body
颈链neck chain.
颈长neck length
颈静脉jugular vein; jugular; carotid vein; shoulder vein; vena jugularis