Animated Stroke Order of 颤:

stroke order animation of 颤

Radical:页     Strokes:19

Pinyin & Definition:

chànto tremble/to shiver/to shake/to vibrate/Taiwan pr. zhan4

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 颤:
to tremble
to shiver
to shake
颤动to tremble
颤动回波flutter echo
颤响To give a vibrating sound.
颤声trill (of voice)
see also 顫聲|颤声
颤巍see 顫巍巍|颤巍巍
颤弱shaky and low; trembling and weak
颤忽To shake.
颤悠quiver; shake
颤抖to shudder
to shiver
to shake
颤抖的palsied; quivery; shivery; aspen; ash; palpitant; quivering; quaverous; quavering; shivering; tremulous; atremble; ashiver; aquiver; asp; shaky
颤栗to tremble
to shiver
颤荡To shake and wave.
颤音vibrato (of stringed instrument)
trill (in phonetics)
颤音琴[Music] a vibraphone