Animated Stroke Order of 驻:

stroke order animation of 驻

Radical:马     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

zhùresident in/stationed in/located at/to station (troops)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 驻:
to halt
to stay
to be stationed (of troops, diplomats etc)
驻京(abbr.) stationed in Beijing
驻军to station or garrison troops
驻北京stationed in Beijing
驻华stationed in China
located in China
驻华盛顿stationed in Washington
驻在国country of residence
驻在期限term of residence
驻地医院a station hospital
驻外stationed abroad
驻外使节团a foreign mission
驻外地记者a resident correspondent
驻外机构an institution functioning abroad
驻外记者a foreign correspondent
驻大陆stationed on the continent (i.e. PRC)
驻守(man a post and) defend
驻屯be stationed; be quartered
驻扎to station
to garrison (troops)
驻波standing wave