Animated Stroke Order of 鸣:

stroke order animation of 鸣

Radical:鸟     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

míngto cry (of birds)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 鸣:
to cry (of birds)
鸣不平to cry out against injustice
to protest unfairness
鸣冤redress an injustice
鸣冤叫屈cry for redress of wrong
animal call
鸣号to trumpet; to sound the bugle
鸣响hoot; resound; peal; rang
鸣哨blow whistle
鸣啭twitter; sing; song
鸣奏To produce music.
鸣放airing of views
鸣枪to fire warning shots
鸣枪示警fire a warning shot
  • to salute
    To fire cannons in salute
  • 鸣礼炮to fire a salute
    鸣笛to hoot
    to whistle
    鸣笛水壶whistling kettle
    鸣角鸮Screech-owl (genus Megascops, a.k.a. Otus)
    鸣谢to express gratitude (esp. in public)
    vote of thanks